IBMs “neuron” chip. Another move to “edge” computing.

Big Data, Distributed Analytics, Computing at the Edge and the Future Posted By Simon Moss on Wed, August, 13th 2014 @ 09:55 PM


The world is increasingly connected and as a result intelligent The big news from Big Blue is a new chip that acts like neurons within a brain:

A lot of comments came our way, since its both a big validation of what we are doing and some of the terminology was interesting. So I thought we’d respond. Thanks for all the…

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Business Requirements to Successful Deployment: Bowling a 300

Project Management Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, July, 28th 2014 @ 12:10 PM

Project Management - striking 300The complexities of the process from requirements gathering to deployment of an effective solution reminds us of traversing a minefield, a journey fraught with hidden dangers, guesswork and reliance purely on the hope of making it to the other side. In the case of systems projects, the multitude of failure points in this journey often drives us to…

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Building a Company: It’s all about “Belief”

Company Building Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, July, 14th 2014 @ 02:46 PM

imagesSo I had some solid feedback from my Board of Directors the other day about this blog. I am delighted to announce that there are more than just my Mother following this blog (Hi Mum!) which is encouraging news. Moreover the feedback is that its interesting, succinct, consistently to the point and …. a little dull and dry sometimes. Really? And I…

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Business Intelligence – Time for Three Dimensional Thinking

Business Intelligence, Analytics, Distributed Analytics Posted By Simon Moss on Tue, July, 1st 2014 @ 08:10 PM

Relevant, cost effective analytics needs to be agile and three dimensional There is no doubt that Business Intelligence and Analytics, Predictive Models, and overall acceleration of data science has been pretty remarkable over the last decade. Tableau, TiBCO Spotfire, IBM Cognos, and SAS to name just a few, have all made tremendous strides. Jaspersoft, as well as Apache in Open…

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Mobile: Much bigger Worry. Much bigger Opportunity.

Big Data Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, June, 23rd 2014 @ 12:37 PM

Mobile is is big opportunity and a big challenge to the enterpriseThe common argument on many of these postings is that the enterprise is spending way too much time, effort and money going through repetitive, and often unnecessary, steps in acquiring and normalizing data and cobbling together independently excellent applications with an integration and management approach that has not changed in 20…

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Big Data the new oil? Depends on the cost of extraction.

BI / Big Data / Analytics Posted By Simon Moss on Wed, May, 28th 2014 @ 07:37 AM

We recently ran across “Data is the new oil” comments. It could most certainly be. But not yet for the vast majority of firms. Below explains why.

Oil – it is an interesting analogy since it opens up the debate of cost and time of extraction versus the value generated.

For many the cost of extracting value from data continues to present too high a discount compared to…

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Risk Management: Dealing with the cause and not the symptoms again.

GRC Posted By Simon Moss on Wed, May, 14th 2014 @ 06:59 AM

Despite huge progress in analytical abilities, GRC or Risk Management transparency, agility and competitiveness is still undermined by a deployment and data management approach that has not changed in 20 years.

Structural risk issues within financial institutions are fundamentally no different now than to those of Basel I and Barings in 1995,  different to Long Term Capital’s failure in 1998, no different to the dot-com bubble…

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Pneuron Anti-Money Laundering: Finding a Needle in a Stack of Needles

GRC Posted By Simon Moss on Tue, May, 6th 2014 @ 10:02 AM

“The Pneuron way” – taking analytics and the processing to the data, distributing the entire business model as a “fabric” of simple to deploy interoperable components from a single screen with no coding, no new infrastructure, no systems replacement and no large traditional data and systems integration cost.  The use cases and deployments are stacking up as our customers use Pneuron to unlock waves of…

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“Big Data” – a viable foothold appears. The rest is hype.

BI / Big Data / Analytics Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, April, 21st 2014 @ 05:59 AM

So we are watching the Big Data breakthroughs – some genuinely interesting stuff happening. It does not justify the impressive promises and marketing budgets, but we are all gaining some visibility into its value, and its applicability is becoming clearer. The common denominator for Big Data success is settling on the left of the value spectrum of business problems – discovery, trend analysis and aligned…

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Big data, the promise of agility and a failure in imagination

BI / Big Data / Analytics Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, April, 7th 2014 @ 06:28 AM

We don’t have to look hard to see that business intelligence application delivery is struggling to surface the benefits of “agile” methods. That struggle seems to be best articulated by IT having implemented a technology stack that has more levels than the Empire State Building.

The core process for over two decades has been the construction of a centralized data integration platform, a data warehouse storing all…

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“Agile Design”: True opportunity but caveat emptor.

Data Agility / Integration Posted By Tom Fountain on Mon, March, 24th 2014 @ 06:58 AM

“Agility” is a growing focus within modern enterprise solution design. If effectively focused, deployed and managed it offers great opportunity. If simply used to repackage or rebrand the way the enterprise has addressed project and deployment approaches of the past, its promise will not be realised.

By definition, “agility or agile design” is characterized by rapid changes in design, development, or delivery meant to rapidly capture value…

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ProSight Insurance goes live on Pneuron Distributed Analytics

Pneuron Posted By Simon Moss on Wed, March, 5th 2014 @ 10:22 AM

Pneuron announces ProSight Insurance as our newest production deployment of Distributed Analytics. Fantastic time to value, agility for the future firmly in place, and implemented in 90 days without the traditional disruption that enterprise deployments demand.


March 5, 2014—Pneuron Corporation (, innovator of the Pneuron Distributed Platform™ and pioneer in the Distributed Solutions category, today announced the implementation of…

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Dark Data and Distributed Analytics

Distributed Analytics/Solutions Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, March, 3rd 2014 @ 06:45 AM

Mark Gibbs continues on Dark Data, now focusing on the best way to identify, access and gain its value. “In the first part of this series I discussed how organizations are awash with hidden stashes of Dark Data. These potential gold mines about how the organization is operating mostly aren’t visible to, or accessible by, IT. That said, finding them isn’t really that hard, you just have to…

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Seven Arguments That IT Uses to Justify Inertia

Distributed Analytics/Solutions Posted By Simon Moss on Mon, February, 24th 2014 @ 06:06 AM

Network World’s Mark Gibbs continues as Pneuron’s resident blogger on the unrealized value of distributed data, the opportunity it offers the enterprise and the challenges that need to be overcome to realize that huge potential.     “In my last post I discussed the Seven Hurdles to Harnessing Dark Data and this week I want to dig deeper into the last hurdle I outlined: IT inertia.

IT inertia.

in·er·tia  noun…

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Analytics on the the Edge: The Internet of Things and Big Data

BI / Big Data / Analytics Posted By Simon Moss on Tue, February, 18th 2014 @ 09:11 AM

Icrunchdata publishes an excellent article from Tom Fountain (Pneuron) and Phil Moyer (Safeguard Scientifics) on “Data Analytics on the Edge” and how traditional centralization models, “Big” or otherwise, are not suited to solve the challenges created by the explosion of computing and technology platforms transforming customer interactions and operating models.

“Centralized Data Warehousing and Analytics architectures are under attack by the very trends that made them…

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