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Mon, May, 2017 | Tom Fountain

How Pneuron Can Enable Agility and Innovation

To generate new ideas and nurture them until they grow into business value is a fundamental requirement for any truly successful company. The ability to blend together the latest technological advancements with data to extract actionable insights is vital if you want to gain a competitive edge in the modern marketplace.

Wed, April, 2017 | Tom Fountain

Leverage Your Existing Skills and Technology with Pneuron

There’s a lot of focus on gaining a competitive edge in the business world through innovation, agility, and speed. Every company wants the latest and greatest technology tools and the cream of the workforce talent, but you also need to understand how best to leverage the resources and assets at your fingertips.

Wed, February, 2017 | Tom Fountain

Realize the Potential of Automation and Analytics with Pneuron

It can be challenging to improve complex business models and processes when you’re juggling data availability, staff experience, regulatory requirements, and business priorities. These vital factors must inform your strategy if you expect a successful improvement initiative.

Tue, January, 2017 | Tom Fountain

Powering digital innovation: new features on tap

As we strive to continually innovate and expand the reach of the Pneuron platform, we’re focused on enhancements that deliver value for you. We understand that speed and agility are critical components in driving the innovation that will improve your competitiveness. To that end we have recently rolled out a range of compelling new features.

Tue, November, 2016 | Tom Fountain

New Features in Our Orchestration Software Will Drive Customer Innovation

We work tirelessly here at Pneuron to reduce cycle times and costs for our customers. We strive to enable agility and foster innovation, and so we’re excited to announce a raft of powerful new features in our class-leading business orchestration software. With our platform, companies can connect a disparate set of data sources, and a…

Mon, November, 2016 | Heather Moses

Want better insight? Join us Thursday, 12/01 for webcast on ways to solve complex data integration issues

Pneuron CTO Tom Fountain, former CIO of Honeywell and Bunge, together with Jeff Vail, COO of WGroup, a 12-year technology management consulting firm, will present a webcast offering insights on how to solve complex legacy and data integration problems in large enterprise environments. “Better Insight. Automated Action. Despite Technical Debt” will run Thursday, December 1st,…

Tue, October, 2016 | Tom Fountain

Meeting the Challenge of Supply Chain Management with Pneuron

It can be tough for supply chain managers to stay on top of the challenges they face in the current business landscape. They have to be ready to see off the threat of new competitors, open up fresh distribution channels, outsource or sell parts of the supply chain to maintain profitability, and stay abreast of…

Tue, August, 2016 | Simon Moss

Pneuron Highlighted as Breakout Vendor by Forrester

We’re thrilled to have been highlighted as a “Breakout Vendor” in Forrester’s latest Big Data Integration Report. The report focuses on solutions capable of extracting business value from the enormous amounts of business data found in data lakes, databases, distributed applications, and beyond. “The problem with most data integration strategies is that they focus on…

Wed, July, 2016 | Simon Moss

Pneuron Wins a Place on CRN’s Emerging Vendors List for 2016

Another big validation of Pneuron, our team, and the transformational progress our customers are realizing with our innovations. Everyone here at Pneuron is excited about the fact that we’ve just been named on CRN’s 2016 list of Emerging Vendors. This annual list is all about recognizing technological innovation and highlighting the companies that are shaking…

Wed, June, 2016 | Simon Moss

Do you have a Big Data issue or is it a Data Diversity and Distribution issue?

The number of enterprise projects that fail to deliver on the business value expected is cause for concern. Many go over budget, miss objectives, fail outright, or get replaced within a year. On average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time, while delivering 56% less value than expected, according to McKinsey…

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