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Mon, March, 2014 | Tom Fountain

“Agile Design”: True opportunity but caveat emptor.

“Agility” is a growing focus within modern enterprise solution design. If effectively focused, deployed and managed it offers great opportunity. If simply used to repackage or rebrand the way the enterprise has addressed project and deployment approaches of the past, its promise will not be realised. By definition, “agility or agile design” is characterized by…

Mon, October, 2013 | Simon Moss

The Pursuit of Painless Agility

The Pursuit of Painless Agility Over the course of the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of having a few chats with Dr. Robin Bloor to answer some questions he had about Pneuron and also to give him my take on how the enterprise data industry has been evolving. Throughout the course of our…

Fri, March, 2013 | Simon Moss

Data Agility: Decoupling analytics value from the cost of integration

An example from Pneuron’s Murali Nagendranath on how Pneuron’s Distributed Analytics offers a real life advantage. Large enterprises symbolize a field of landmines when it comes to analytic models and intellectual property. With business units holding the analytic models close to their chest and tightly coupling it with traditional data models and warehouses. Achieving holistic…

Thu, June, 2012 | Simon Moss

New TABB Research on Data Agility Highlights the Pneuron Platform

A really interesting report pointing out that complex business problems are made more complex and difficult to resolve by the technology approaches used to address them. It also highlights Pneuron and other alternatives to increasing competitiveness, accelerating innovation and cost effectively addressing transparency and regulatory reporting. The challenge this paper addresses is complex, fragmented and…