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Mon, September, 2016 | Heather Moses

Bank Secrecy Act topic of our next webcast – this Wednesday

Explores strategies to keep your BSA program up-to-date and up-to-snuff On Wednesday Sept. 14 at 3:00pm ET our CEO Simon Moss along with BSA experts from Atlantic Community Bankers and Pentagon Federal Credit Union will present, “Critical Steps to Keep your BSA Program Current.” Register now for the webinar. Money launderers are a devious bunch,…

Tue, May, 2016 | Simon Moss

Reducing Fraud Case Disposition Times from 30 Minutes to 30 Seconds

A Pneuron case study for the Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering industry If we told you that you could dramatically reduce the average investigation time for an alert about possible fraudulent activity without hiring more staff, while simultaneously increasing the efficiency, consistency and effectiveness of the investigation, you’d be forgiven for being a little skeptical. But…

Thu, May, 2016 | Simon Moss

AML Regulatory Update: Panama, FATCA and the next year in regulations

If you’re interested in where US and European regulations are going this is a must read. We had a terrific webinar yesterday in partnership with Texas A&M Law School and the law firm of Reed Smith. Great turn out and a great conversation. Here is the link to the Webinar on YouTube (minutes 6:35 to…

Tue, April, 2016 | Heather Moses

Anti-Money Laundering: Practical Guidance for Managing Regulatory Compliance in 2016 – A Panel Webinar

For the past several years the pressure for financial institutions to identify, mitigate, manage, and report potential or actual Anti-Money Laundering transactions undertaken through their organizations has been building. The Federal Banking Agencies (FBA) continues to heavily focus attention on enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and U.S. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. As a…

Thu, May, 2015 | Simon Moss

Reconciling Big Data, IoT and a distributed world

We have been consistent that Big Data is often the rebranding of old data management and systems integration projects – with admittedly much faster processing capacity – and exploitation of the optics of the significant increase in data volumes coming from social media, telecommunications interactions and digital media. Our argument continues that the enterprise faces…

Tue, September, 2014 | Simon Moss

Pneuron, C6 Intelligence and Identity Theft

I’m sitting in a great hotel in London. Terrific atmosphere and great value for a City that is often so overpriced. Very cool place and most importantly, free WiFi. To me WiFi, just like Healthcare, is a human right and should be free. Anyway, another blog entry. But the hotel is great, and was pleasantly…