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Thu, May, 2016 | Simon Moss

AML Regulatory Update: Panama, FATCA and the next year in regulations

If you’re interested in where US and European regulations are going this is a must read. We had a terrific webinar yesterday in partnership with Texas A&M Law School and the law firm of Reed Smith. Great turn out and a great conversation. Here is the link to the Webinar on YouTube (minutes 6:35 to…

Wed, April, 2016 | Simon Moss

Compliance Detect-Respond Operations: Panama, panic du jour

What has been uncovered in Panama is really interesting stuff. Of course we could analyze how such things can happen – with cross border cash flow being so easy, combined with complex legal and financial opacity in most country tax codes and, let’s be honest, some pretty serious corruption in the global geo-political system –…

Fri, December, 2015 | Simon Moss

Heterogeneous analytics, and making sandwiches

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, as with any innovation, you’re gonna get orthodoxy and vested interests of the status quo too fearful or greedy to embrace a new way of thinking. But more and more business frustration is challenging firms to try something new, something unique. This challenge though is not just technical. It is organizationally and culturally…

Mon, June, 2015 | Simon Moss

Agile Design: New frosting for an old cake?

“Agility” is a growing focus within modern enterprise solution design and deployments. If effectively focused, deployed and managed it offers great opportunity. If simply used to repackage or rebrand the way the enterprise has addressed project and deployment approaches of the past, its promise will not be realized. By definition, “agility or agile design” is…

Thu, May, 2015 | Simon Moss

Reconciling Big Data, IoT and a distributed world

We have been consistent that Big Data is often the rebranding of old data management and systems integration projects – with admittedly much faster processing capacity – and exploitation of the optics of the significant increase in data volumes coming from social media, telecommunications interactions and digital media. Our argument continues that the enterprise faces…

Tue, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

Pneuron and HP Team to Deliver Big Data Value

Today’s HP news marks a key announcement for Pneuron – and a partnership we feel will demonstrate the real end-to-end potential of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Specifically, this partnership offers an end-to-end combination of HP’s leading Big Data platforms and services with Pneuron’s innovative distributed solutions platform that together enable customers to conceive, design,…

Sun, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

Pneuron in the press

Building a firm is a 24/7/365 job. Nate Lentz at Osage wrote a great blog article last week on the investment entrepreneurial team’s have to make to build a firm. Yet the excitement of building a great company with an amazing team is like a drug. New faces coming on board, new clients being delivered,…

Fri, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

“Real Time” BI – Really?

A large number of applications call themselves “real time”. Are they really? It’s a fascinating argument since it depends on the perspective from where you are looking at the problem. Of course streaming analysis, trading pricing systems, market data streaming, and arbitrage management can most certainly be considered real-time. Yet business intelligence, GRC and many…

Thu, January, 2015 | Simon Moss

What will 2015 bring?

This time of year the infosphere is full of projections about what will be happening over the next 12 months. So we thought we would give it a try. Don’t hold us to any of these of course, take them as informed guesses and focused at generating some reflection and critical thought. But I would…

Mon, October, 2014 | Simon Moss

Organizational Agility, Data Quality, Competitive Velocity – “Easier said than done”

Agility, Quality and Velocity – the three legs of effective business decision making. And three legs way over used and poorly defined. Alas they are often seen as either contradictory or at least requiring significant compromise when it comes to making critical decisions about how best to manage “Enterprise Data”. How that data is accessed,…

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