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Wed, June, 2016 | Simon Moss

Do you have a Big Data issue or is it a Data Diversity and Distribution issue?

The number of enterprise projects that fail to deliver on the business value expected is cause for concern. Many go over budget, miss objectives, fail outright, or get replaced within a year. On average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time, while delivering 56% less value than expected, according to McKinsey…

Tue, July, 2014 | Simon Moss

Business Intelligence – Time for Three Dimensional Thinking

There is no doubt that Business Intelligence and Analytics, Predictive Models, and overall acceleration of data science has been pretty remarkable over the last decade. Tableau, TiBCO Spotfire, IBM Cognos, and SAS to name just a few, have all made tremendous strides. Jaspersoft, as well as Apache in Open Source have democratized business intelligence applications…