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Thu, May, 2016 | Simon Moss

AML Regulatory Update: Panama, FATCA and the next year in regulations

If you’re interested in where US and European regulations are going this is a must read. We had a terrific webinar yesterday in partnership with Texas A&M Law School and the law firm of Reed Smith. Great turn out and a great conversation. Here is the link to the Webinar on YouTube (minutes 6:35 to…

Tue, April, 2016 | Heather Moses

Anti-Money Laundering: Practical Guidance for Managing Regulatory Compliance in 2016 – A Panel Webinar

For the past several years the pressure for financial institutions to identify, mitigate, manage, and report potential or actual Anti-Money Laundering transactions undertaken through their organizations has been building. The Federal Banking Agencies (FBA) continues to heavily focus attention on enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and U.S. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. As a…

Mon, September, 2013 | Simon Moss

GRC 20/20 Research Paper sees Pneuron as a big step forward

The Challenge and Evolution of GRC to date “The challenge is how to reconcile business agility with GRC strategy and architecture. Most GRC decisions were considered as a base reaction to the newest regulatory demand. This resulted in billions of dollars spent in GRC with a limited understanding alignment to the business. GRC was approached…

Wed, July, 2012 | Simon Moss

FATCA: A Regulation That Can Be More Than a Burden

Commentary published 7/25/12 in Tabb Forum ( discussing Pneuron’s first focus with PwC – FATCA. For many across the industry, from the C-suite level to back-office ops, there are at least three fundamental, serious challenges facing the modern financial enterprise: Competitiveness and the resulting need to invest in effective innovation The total cost of ownership…

Mon, June, 2012 | Simon Moss

Global Risk and Compliance: Frustration to Opportunity

As we progress we will review a few case studies and look at how the business and technology can be better, more cost efficiently and more effectively aligned. We will discuss FATCA, Dodd Frank, Basle III counterparty risk, derivatives pricing, compliance, fraud and AML operations as well as healthcare fraud, M&A effectiveness and a few…