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Tue, October, 2015 | Simon Moss

Proof of value, market evolution and the future becomes increasingly clear

One thing about an invention is that inertia and orthodoxy pushes back. Vested interests that make large amounts of money in the traditional ways, no matter how ineffective they are will try to undermine innovation. That’s what makes working at Pneuron so exciting – we can take on challenges, make commitments and solve problems considered…

Wed, September, 2015 | Simon Moss, Breaking Out and Combining Micro-Services with Containers

Welcome to our new website –  We particularly like the video on the home page – explains what we do in such beautifully simple terms. Pneuron is not complex – not supposed to be. We just make complex problems simple to solve by changing the way you look at them. Things are progressing very…

Wed, June, 2015 | Simon Moss

Innovation in the new technology market …ying and yang

It is fascinating to see the high tech engine that is the West Coast. The almost magical combination of Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers has produced countless household names in addition to a nontrivial number of up and coming companies who may lack the name recognition but sport very impressive valuations. Silicon Valley has long…

Tue, February, 2014 | Simon Moss

Analytics on the the Edge: The Internet of Things and Big Data

Icrunchdata publishes an excellent article from Tom Fountain (Pneuron) and Phil Moyer (Safeguard Scientifics) on “Data Analytics on the Edge” and how traditional centralization models, “Big” or otherwise, are not suited to solve the challenges created by the explosion of computing and technology platforms transforming customer interactions and operating models…. “Centralized Data Warehousing and Analytics…