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Wed, May, 2014 | Simon Moss

Big Data the new oil? Depends on the cost of extraction.

We recently ran across “Data is the new oil” comments. It could most certainly be. But not yet for the vast majority of firms. Below explains why. Oil – it is an interesting analogy since it opens up the debate of cost and time of extraction versus the value generated. For many the cost of…

Tue, April, 2013 | Simon Moss

The Cost of Value Extraction in Big Data Projects

Here is a quick but relevant commentary from Miranda Mizan at Tabb Group. Miranda also wrote the Data Agility Report that can be downloaded from this blog and the Pneuron website. We attach a link to the commentary for your reference at the bottom of this entry. The commentary carries on a theme we at…

Mon, February, 2013 | Simon Moss

Distributed Data, “Big Data” solutions and Metcalfe’s Law

Big Data has clearly become the next big thing – complete with its own hype, vocabulary, and technologies.. Take for example the new “Data Scientist”, a modern day “quant” – a strange, sophisticated witch-doctor with language that is both intimidating and confusing. Some see Big data as a new technical religion of compelling promise, but…