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Fri, August, 2015 | Simon Moss

“Dumb pipes, smart endpoints”: The architecture to support growing business complexity

Fascinating changes on the horizon of the market. Alpha developers talking about a new architectural approach called “microservices”. Some bloggers voicing some musings, leading VCs in the Valley and East Coast talking, as well as a couple of the more visionary CIOs and large technology company technology labs. Delighted to see this trend – as…

Mon, July, 2015 | Simon Moss

Pneuron’s Latest Funding Round

Summary of Pneuron so far – strong traction in the market; exciting growth numbers; a technology that is exceeding every objective we set for it; a team from leadership to support that I can safely say is the strongest I have had the privilege to work with; growing market recognition and a market opportunity that…

Wed, June, 2015 | Simon Moss

Innovation in the new technology market …ying and yang

It is fascinating to see the high tech engine that is the West Coast. The almost magical combination of Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers has produced countless household names in addition to a nontrivial number of up and coming companies who may lack the name recognition but sport very impressive valuations. Silicon Valley has long…

Thu, May, 2015 | Simon Moss

Reconciling Big Data, IoT and a distributed world

We have been consistent that Big Data is often the rebranding of old data management and systems integration projects – with admittedly much faster processing capacity – and exploitation of the optics of the significant increase in data volumes coming from social media, telecommunications interactions and digital media. Our argument continues that the enterprise faces…

Tue, April, 2015 | Simon Moss

Gartner: Pneuron is a Big Data “Cool Vendor”.

Another exciting milestone for the Pneuron team – this time being recognized by Gartner as one of its Cool Vendors of 2015. Most interestingly in the category of “Big Data”. Doug Laney, Gartner VP Research, Analytics, Info Innovation & Big Data provided a solid, objective and clear acknowledgement of the power of our innovations and…

Tue, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

Pneuron and HP Team to Deliver Big Data Value

Today’s HP news marks a key announcement for Pneuron – and a partnership we feel will demonstrate the real end-to-end potential of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Specifically, this partnership offers an end-to-end combination of HP’s leading Big Data platforms and services with Pneuron’s innovative distributed solutions platform that together enable customers to conceive, design,…

Sun, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

Pneuron in the press

Building a firm is a 24/7/365 job. Nate Lentz at Osage wrote a great blog article last week on the investment entrepreneurial team’s have to make to build a firm. Yet the excitement of building a great company with an amazing team is like a drug. New faces coming on board, new clients being delivered,…

Fri, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

“Real Time” BI – Really?

A large number of applications call themselves “real time”. Are they really? It’s a fascinating argument since it depends on the perspective from where you are looking at the problem. Of course streaming analysis, trading pricing systems, market data streaming, and arbitrage management can most certainly be considered real-time. Yet business intelligence, GRC and many…

Mon, February, 2015 | Simon Moss

The Internet of Things: Laws of the Digital Economy and the beginning of some difficult questions in the enterprise.

If Enterprise technologists don’t get a few of decisions right over the next half decade, they risk being locked out of perhaps the most transformative period in the history of the digital economy. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing connectivity and explosion of technology interactions and end-points presents profound challenges to how enterprises…

Sun, September, 2014 | Simon Moss

Squeezing into a nutshell

Meeting with some great people in the market at the moment as we continue our exciting movement forward. One common theme is “tell me what you do in a nutshell”. Sounds simple but it can be a real challenge. I have to admit Pneuron is focused at solving a lot of problems at the same…

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