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Sun, March, 2015 | Simon Moss

Pneuron in the press

Building a firm is a 24/7/365 job. Nate Lentz at Osage wrote a great blog article last week on the investment entrepreneurial team’s have to make to build a firm. Yet the excitement of building a great company with an amazing team is like a drug. New faces coming on board, new clients being delivered,…

Mon, July, 2014 | Simon Moss

Building a Company: It’s all about “Belief”

So I had some solid feedback from my Board of Directors the other day about this blog. I am delighted to announce that there are more than just my Mother following this blog (Hi Mum!) which is encouraging news. Moreover the feedback is that its interesting, succinct, consistently to the point and …. a little…

Mon, June, 2014 | Simon Moss

Mobile: Much bigger Worry. Much bigger Opportunity.

The common argument on many of these postings is that the enterprise is spending way too much time, effort and money going through repetitive, and often unnecessary, steps in acquiring and normalizing data and cobbling together independently excellent applications with an integration and management approach that has not changed in 20 years. This over-focus on…