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Wed, July, 2012 | Simon Moss

FATCA: A Regulation That Can Be More Than a Burden

Commentary published 7/25/12 in Tabb Forum ( discussing Pneuron’s first focus with PwC – FATCA. For many across the industry, from the C-suite level to back-office ops, there are at least three fundamental, serious challenges facing the modern financial enterprise: Competitiveness and the resulting need to invest in effective innovation The total cost of ownership…

Tue, July, 2012 | Simon Moss

The Pneuron/PwC Joint Business Relationship

Pneuron announced an exciting Joint Business Relationship with PwC on Monday. This was the result of a long and deep due diligence which tested the team, the technology and the promises our technology highlights. I am extremely proud to be associated with a team of astonishingly hard working, incredibly smart and articulate teammates. The PwC…