change the game
change the game

Mon, May 08, 2017 | Tom Fountain

How Pneuron Can Enable Agility and Innovation

Foster the flexibility you need to innovate rapidly

To generate new ideas and nurture them until they grow into business value is a fundamental requirement for any truly successful company. The ability to blend together the latest technological advancements with data to extract actionable insights is vital if you want to gain a competitive edge in the modern marketplace.

Innovate or watch your competitors pull ahead

When PwC interviewed 246 CEOs for its “Unleashing the Power of Innovation” report, 75% agreed that innovation and operational effectiveness are equally important to the success of a company, or that innovation is more important. But innovation can only be achieved with the right culture, talent, and technology.

Reducing the time from idea to value

Speed always plays a central role in innovation. There’s a significant advantage to be had as first mover, but to seize on an opportunity, while balancing risk and control can be tough. Large companies frequently lose the innovative edge that start-ups are known for because they lack agility, they get bogged down in bureaucracy, and they’re resistant to change.

There are a lot of moving parts to consider in transforming a concept rapidly into a prototype that can garner valuable feedback and potentially evolve into something transformative. The good news is that Pneuron takes a three-pronged approach to cut down the gap between idea and value.

We start with pre-integration of technology, to reduce the time required for procurement and integration. We provide an accessible interface, so that business people can engage and design directly, without having to work through intermediaries. Finally, we ensure that the deployment and execution is as simple as pushing a button.

Keeping cost under control

There may be pressure to innovate, but every organization must also keep a wary eye on the bottom line. Reducing the precise dollar cost of innovation enables you to realize a greater return on investment. To do this, it’s important to assess and leverage what you already have in terms of skills and resources.

Instead of developing, implementing and integrating a new system, Pneuron is designed to work with what you already have.

The simple premise is that you get only what you need, direct from the sources, precisely when you need it. You can have a complex, cross-platform workflow, built and deployed in just a few weeks for the fraction of the cost of a new system and without the disruption.

The fact that you can innovate and realize ideas rapidly means you can experiment more and find out what really works.

The agility of this system also makes it easier and cheaper to make changes when you need to. If the requirements, data, platforms or infrastructure change, you can reconfigure quickly. That means you can continue to cherry pick the latest and greatest technology, and leverage your existing assets to the full.

By reducing the time and cost of new innovations, your business can gain a tangible competitive advantage. Pneuron offers immediate benefits, but also provides a solid framework for ongoing, holistic improvement in your technology, people and processes.