change the game
change the game

Wed, April 12, 2017 | Tom Fountain

Leverage Your Existing Skills and Technology with Pneuron

Maximize value from existing systems and combat skills deficit

There’s a lot of focus on gaining a competitive edge in the business world through innovation, agility, and speed. Every company wants the latest and greatest technology tools and the cream of the workforce talent, but you also need to understand how best to leverage the resources and assets at your fingertips.

The dream is to outpace the competition by rapidly developing ideas from concept to market, but the reality is financial constraints and limited recruitment capabilities. A pragmatic approach that seeks to extract every last ounce of value from existing systems and employees is the foundation for successful innovation.

Fast and efficient technology integration

New and potentially landscape-changing technologies are emerging all the time. Identifying the cream of the crop and integrating with legacy systems that contain a wealth of data can be expensive and difficult. The challenge is to successfully blend a diverse and disparate set of assets. The traditional approach is to design a monolithic system that centralizes and integrates everything, but that presents enormous risk.

Pneuron allows you to build out complex workflows rapidly. You can integrate multiple systems and extract the data and insight you need quickly. There’s no need to centralize. Support for pre-integration of technology cuts down on procurement woes and simplifies deployment. Versatility and granular control empowers you to configure and reconfigure until the system is aligned perfectly with your business goals.

By targeting what you need and lifting it directly from the source, creating cross-platform workflows becomes a much simpler prospect. This approach also affords you much greater agility to pick and choose new technology tools, or to drop old ones if they are deemed ineffective.

Leveraging skills and boosting organizational readiness

Employing the latest technology tools and platforms can be a real challenge when you lack the understanding to take full advantage of them. The skills gap plagues the IT industry right now. In a TEKSystems survey of 1,200 IT leaders and professionals, 78% of managers and 80% of pros agreed that there’s a skills gap, and only a third of respondents felt that they had the necessary skills in-house to succeed.

Recruitment takes time and it can be very expensive. Even with a star HR department and a big budget, the skills gap cannot be filled quickly enough. Pneuron allows you to reduce the complexity of solution design, so that business people can assume ownership and take a direct role. A simple, accessible user interface offers easy access to data acquisition, application integration, analytics and business rules.

Enabling your knowledgeable workforce to design, and then deploy and execute new workflows based on business requirements they configured dramatically cuts down the need for new hires. It’s faster and cheaper to integrate and leverage your existing technology, and to add new technologies into the mix.

Ultimately, applying the Pneuron fabric atop your existing systems is a quick and painless way to extract greater value from your existing tools and staff.