change the game
change the game

Tue, October 04, 2016 | Tom Fountain

Meeting the Challenge of Supply Chain Management with Pneuron

It can be tough for supply chain managers to stay on top of the challenges they face in the current business landscape. They have to be ready to see off the threat of new competitors, open up fresh distribution channels, outsource or sell parts of the supply chain to maintain profitability, and stay abreast of the latest regulations and compliance issues. Coping with technology change, pressure to be cost-effective, and globalization is far from easy.

Unfortunately, the traditional responses to this three-pronged challenge can exacerbate the problem. Outsourcing can help reduce operating costs and introduce scalability and technical expertise, but it also leads to greater complexity and loss of control. The danger is a lack of visibility that gives way to reduced responsiveness. How do you find the right balance?

Orchestrating external services

Real-time visibility of the complete supply chain and all inventories is essential for supply chain managers, but they also need to be able to plan, execute, and adapt to any demand and supply shocks. A central interface to review suppliers, factories, transportation, distribution, and customers, is vital, but all too often the reality is a disparate set of systems that aren’t fit for purpose and don’t play nicely together.

The 2016 20th Annual Third Party Logistics Study conducted by Capgemini Consulting found that only 59% of supply chain owners agreed that they were satisfied with current 3PL (third-party logistics) capabilities, despite the fact that 93% agreed that IT capabilities are a necessary element of 3PL expertise. There’s an obvious issue here and it’s one that Pneuron can solve.

Being able to mix and match different capabilities that come from different systems, sequence those at will, all with a set of interoperable services, or Pneurons, gives you the ability to quickly adapt and create new workflows to solve different business problems. Data gathering, application tasking, and more, across a diverse set of systems can be handled gracefully and consistently.

Solving internal disparity

The same diversity issues crop up internally with databases, data warehouses, applications, and analytics. Supply chain managers may want to check inventory, employ an application to predict change, and push analytics into web-based services. How do you bring all of this together, without investing in the development of a comprehensive systems integration infrastructure that will be expensive and extremely time-consuming?

Pneuron can provide that non-invasive layer over the top. A library of over fifty different types of Pneurons that you can mix and match at will to create new workflows and adapt them when required. You create the sequence of value added steps that you need to apply to a unit’s worth as it goes through the network. It’s a simplified set of mechanics for logically configuring and constructing the network you need.

With Pneuron you don’t need to build-out an intervening technology layer because we’ve pre-integrated a wide range of technologies and broad categories. Being able to quickly and effectively connect diverse systems, interact with them, adjust gracefully to variation, and extract business value can empower you to solve a myriad of business problems.