change the game
change the game

Mon, August 22, 2016 | Simon Moss

Pneuron Makes the 2016 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in U.S.

Pneuron ranks #493 in the Inc. 5000 List after phenomenal 772% growth

We are proud to have been named in the top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list covering America’s fastest-growing private companies in 2016. Pneuron comes in at #493 out of 5,000 companies, but if we look at software vendors alone, Pneuron is named at #40. So we also made Inc. 500!!

This prestigious achievement is largely based on our phenomenal growth of 772% over the last three years. By delivering innovative business orchestration software, we’ve been empowering companies to connect and analyze their disparate internal and external systems and data, to derive tangible business value.

You’ll find an incredible array of the fastest-growing private businesses in America on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list, covering every industry you can think of. It’s designed to highlight excellence in strategy, service, and innovation, showcasing the hardest-working private companies operating in the U.S. today. This is the first time that Pneuron has made the list and we’re delighted to be there.

Our ranking in the Inc. 5000 doesn’t come as a huge surprise.  Pneuron installs in a couple of hours. Our customers are building global solutions by the end of day one andare able to move to production in days or a few weeks, not months and years. Pneuron’s only competition is those that are fearful of change – a fear that creates little but the creation of a monolithic and slow enterprise. Asa result of this unwillingness to change, the enterprise market is going through another cyclical contraction – the ramifications of this include firing people, driving the remaining teams hard to make up the gap and losing institutional knowledge that will need to rebuilt in the future. Such a “feast or famine” model is not tenable and it is institutionalizing long-term flaws for short-term value. Effective technical productivity, long term growth that empowers enterprises to scale and contract without huge resource burdens is the future of competitive agility. This is why Pneuron isgrowing rapidly– our forward-thinking clients’ deploy Pneuron as a productivity multiplier, as a force multiplier and as a result they are well-positioned with a perfect solution for the times we are about to enter.

We’re confident in our ability to solve our customer’s real business problems and enable them to leverage their existing applications, infrastructure, services and data to deliver insight and actionable intelligence at less than half the time and cost of traditional approaches.

As our customers will tell you, our platform offers microservice-based applications or “pneurons” that can perform multiple tasks all managed by a multiple patent container – the Cortex. We can query, modify and merge existing apps, databases and infrastructures, or run predictive models or analytics in order to solve complex diverse and distributed data and process-related business problems. Pneuron is technology and business problem agnostic. Our singular focus is to empower our customers to develop and deploy intelligent solutions for less than 50% of the time and cost they ever thought possible.

The potential applications for Pneuron in the modern business world are endless and span a wide range of different industries. And if you are skeptical, we will prove ourselves within 8 weeks of the deployment. So give it a try and prove us wrong.

This recognition is a powerful validation of our approach which provides true scalability and agility by plugging into existing systems and orchestrating the answer across sources instead of forcing them together before asking the question. We’re fighting against the entrenched paradigm of data integration and there’s clearly a growing awareness in the market that it’s time for a fresh approach.

Our placement on the Inc. 5000 list comes hot on the heels of Forrester highlighting us as Breakout Vendor and our place on CRN’s Emerging Vendors List for 2016. We have some real momentum going here at Pneuron, and we certainly won’t be resting on our laurels.

If your business is looking for an edge, then it’s time to come and talk to us.