change the game
change the game

Tue, January 10, 2017 | Tom Fountain

Powering digital innovation: new features on tap

As we strive to continually innovate and expand the reach of the Pneuron platform, we’re focused on enhancements that deliver value for you. We understand that speed and agility are critical components in driving the innovation that will improve your competitiveness. To that end we have recently rolled out a range of compelling new features.

Pre-built integration
More and more unstructured information is required for key business processes, so it’s vital that you can tap into assets instantly. By offering pre-built integrations to industry leading platforms like SharePoint and Exchange, we’re making it easier to interact with your resources. There’s no need to embark on a coding project to integrate Microsoft platforms, because you can now extract the data you need and bring it into Pneuron for further processing.

Robotic scripting
On some websites, it’s not possible to access back-end systems like databases or use APIs to call required functionality. For that reason, we offer the ability to create scripts that can process multiple screens on a website and extract the information you need. We’re expanding that capability to cater for an ever-growing range of source types. Being able to automate data entry and results extraction reduces manual effort, boosts consistency, and accelerates key business processes.

File parsing capability
Because you’re often dealing with semi-structured data that may be stored in many different file formats, we’ve been working hard to improve our file parsing capability. We’ve added support for many more file formats and made it easier to create parsing templates. Designers can now take full advantage of all the resources that exist within their environment, folding in precisely what they need for a specific business workflow.

Dynamic scaling
To complement our new features, we’ve also been enhancing the underlying Pneuron platform, in part by improving our dynamic scaling capability. This enables you to take full advantage of all of your cloud-based resources in the most efficient manner possible. Workflows can be prioritized and reconfigured, so you can automatically make best use of available resources, using only what you need to meet real-time workloads.

Configurable dashboard and widgets
We understand the importance of visualization at Pneuron and our highly versatile dashboard tool allows you to construct the precise view you need of the results of your processing. We also offer a wide range of fully configurable widgets, not just so data can be collated and reviewed in charts and tables, but also so that you can take actions with a simple click. The dashboarding tool is completely optional, because Pneuron can serve as a services layer. Whatever works best for you.

We want to bring business and IT together by balancing control, protection, and efficiency with speed, innovation, and flexibility. We’re empowering you to get the best out of your ecosystem with a targeted approach that’s productive and agile. We’ll continue to enhance and build out new features for Pneuron to ensure that you can rapidly adapt to change and achieve continuous innovation.

Tom Fountain is Chief Technology Officer for Pneuron